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A reminder that Cheshire East is undertaking two consultation programmes which close on 31st July 2012.

These consultations are your chance to have your say about the potential development of services throughout Cheshire East. There are two consultations which may interest you:-

  • Voluntary Sector Grants Consultation

  • Influence Health through HealthWatch

Voluntary Sector Grants Consultation states:-

“Cheshire East Council gives grants each year to voluntary sector organisations that provide social care related services. Some examples include; the Alzheimer’s Society for a Dementia Support Worker and the 50+ Network to provide a voice for the over 50 population of Cheshire East.

"However, because the Council has a duty to ensure that public money is being spent in the best way we need to review these grants every so often. This may lead to organisations receiving a different level of grant compared to the amount they currently get.

"This could mean a grant going up in value, going down in value or being removed altogether. As part of this review, we would like to hear from you.”

Influence Health & Social Care through HealthWatch:

HealthWatch is coming and Cheshire East Council is giving you an opportunity to get involved.

You may ask: — What is HealthWatch?

Well, it's one government development as a result of the new Health and Social Care Act passed in the Commons a few months ago. The idea is that Councils have been targeted to replace LINks (Local involvement Networks) with this new body called HealthWatch. The main things that HealthWatch will do are to:- 

  • Act as a new local champion for people using Health and Social Care Services.

  • Give information and advice about Health and Social Care Services.

  • Check and listen to people’s views about Health and Social Care Services

  • Look at the way Health and Social Services are provided in the future.

It is anticipated that Cheshire East HealthWatch will start these services from April 2013.

Work is in progression in developing this new body but there are chances for the population of Cheshire East to have their say and get involved in consultation meetings being held across Cheshire East.

There are consultation events on-going and information can be found by following the links on the Cheshire East Website (tenuous that they may be).

#To help
Go the Cheshire East Council Home Page, then scroll down the page to ‘Have your say’ Click on ‘Influence Health through HealthWatch’.

The link to the page is under the Cheshire East logo above in this Audlem Online story. At the bottom of the Cheshire East page is:- HealthWatch and the two links that will allow you to fill in an online questionnaire and another link giving details of consultation meeting in your areas.

Consultation / workshop meetings have already taken place in Crewe and Congleton and one is to take place in Macclesfield on the 16th July from 1400hrs to 1600 hrs. I’m led to believe that anyone interested in attending this consultation / workshop should first register with Cheshire East.

It is proposed to have information days throughout the area when HealthWatch “Takes to the Streets” the time table for the proposed local information sessions is:-

Nantwich on Thursday 12th July, 10.00am to 12noon

This is the time as given by Cheshire East Council but it is worth checking on their website to confirm the times have not been changed.

If people don’t get involved now then there is little point complaining later when the services do not meet your expectation. 

It is also worth regularly checking on the Cheshire East website as to what is going on in the area and especially what consultation events are being undertaken.

If anyone would like any more information please telephone the Consultation and Participation Team on 01270 371376, email or write to:

Consultation and Participation Team
Cheshire East Council
Floor 4
Delamere House
CW1 2JZ.