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You need to be in Nantwich, at the Civic Hall, by 10am on Saturday, January 21st.

You will then sit through a series of three-minute presentations (lasting less than an hour all told) from organisations in Nantwich, Audlem and other local places, attempting to convince you to vote for one (or more) of them as deserving to get the funding they require. Those that get the most votes will get the funding they have requested.

This is all part of a "Participatory" Funding scheme which started off as a multimillion pound fund at National level, and has then been broken down county by county and then into parts of counties. The net result is that Nantwich and its rural hinterland (including Audlem) ends up with £30,000 to be shared according to a public vote. The focus of the funding is on projects which in general terms aim to increase the physical health of the participants. Organisations were invited to apply some months ago and a panel of judges have selected those which appear to best meet the criteria.

There are three funding bids from Audlem-based organisations, and needless to say they will be the most worthy of the funding requests presented and, following the presentations, you will be very happy to vote for them.

This unusual way of allocating funding is obviously heavily biased towards Nantwich-based organisations who will be much more easily able to get people to pop in off the street to vote for "their" projects.

So it is up to all of us to attend the meeting in such numbers as to make sure that Audlem gets its fair share.

The three Audlem-based charities are

  • ADCA
  • APHAx

and there will be more details published of their individual funding bids in the next few days.

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