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Please read this and respond

Those who attended the public meetings will know that the cost of getting a loan to purchase the Green Lane field will have to be met by increasing the precept. For a Band D property, this would be around £1 per month over the next 40 years. For a Band H property it would be £2 per month. A copy of the details can be found on the AOL website here.

This is a very important question for the Council Tax payers of the village. Without your support we may not be able to get the loan.

In order to get the loan we need to provide more evidence that the community agrees with the additional cost. We are asking everybody who has not already filled in a survey form to fill in their details and their yes/no choice below and then click on submit.

URGENT — response needed

By 5pm on Monday, 14th MAY 2018

Community response survey

Your name

Your post code

Are you prepared to pay £1 per month (based on band D property — see above) to keep Green Lane field green?

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