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Turnpike Funding for Pond Fences -- last chance to vote! — 16th July


The original article can be read here
Turnpike Field has applied for one of the £1000 grants being given by Calor to celebrate their 85th birthday, to help finance the wooden fencing of the field's ponds
There were 590 initial applications and ours has successfully gone through to the next stage.
To improve Audlem's chance of success, Calor have agreed that 'Likes' and 'Shares' supporting the project will provide us with additional points in the next stage of the grant process -- we will receive 1 point for your 'Like' and 1 point for your 'Share'. We are not asking for donations.


Click here to get to the project page.
A page will appear with a red "Like" and a number -- this shows the number of "likes" registered so far. Click on this button. The next screen to appear is the login screen as shown.

If you have a Facebook account, click on"Continue with Facebook" and then continue on each subsequent page until you get back to the first one, where you should see that the "Likes" count has gone up by at least one.

If you do not have a Facebook account then you will need to register with Calor.
There is a small, red "Sign-up ' link. They simply require your name, email address and a simple password. You will be offered the chance to decline follow-on contact from Calor.
then continue on each subsequent page until you get back to the first one, where you should see that the "likes" count has gone up by at least one.

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