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Teamwork Skills on Display!
Our Y6 team entered a Dodgeball competition on Monday at Malbank High School achieving a very creditable third place. They represented the school admirably, showing grit and determination and narrowly missing out on a place in the play-offs.

Diamond class took part in a Road Safety presentation given by Cheshire Fire Service on Tuesday. They really enjoyed learning about how to stay safe as a pedestrian, as a passenger in a car or on the school bus and about the importance of wearing a cycle helmet, even for short bicycle journeys.

In their Class Assembly on Thursday, the children in Pearl Class asked the question 'Have inventors got talent?' We were lucky to have such a talented panel of judges including David Walliams, Alberta Einstein, Rita Ora and Simon Cowell to assess the contestants and their inventions. A big thanks to Ant and Dec for their special guest star appearance!
We discovered that Charles Babbage invented the Difference Engine, Mary Anderson saved lives with her windscreen wipers, John Logie Baird created the television and Ruth Handler designed Mattel's best-selling toy. The children shared their own inventions and thanked the parents at Audlem St James for
raising funds as part of Build Africa for Morop Primary School so that Irine and Clapton can access modern technology that we take for granted like fresh running water from the tap, electricity for lighting and the ability to research using the World Wide Web. Well done, Pearl Class.

Emerald class continued their busy week yesterday by travelling to Malbank High School for a Singfest rehearsal for their concert later this term. Their performance will be on 16th March and a letter detailing how tickets for this event can be purchased was sent home last week.

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