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Muse Jessie

As told to Ralph Warburton,

An ADCA trip to Ellesmere

Isn't it great when we can go out with friends to meet other friends and everyone is in high spirits. There wasn't a scowl or a long face all the time we were together.

Let me tell you about "our day out". Of course it was all planned for us by the ADCA team (the bestest of all friends).We were to spend the day in Ellesmere on the Llangollen Canal — the Lyneal Trust being our hosts for the day.
We were taken, early last Friday, by car or by our new "Wheelie Bus" . the journey itself was worth a smile, beautiful countryside.

Then to a little cottage. Quaint, clean and cosy, set in exquisite gardens, all kept and cared for. As was the cottage.
We sat ourselves down with a warm drink, had a chat- then it was time for our "right royal picnic lunch, enjoying it in the sunny conservatory (built long after the cottage , of course) We were soon ready to board the Lyneal Trust Longboat , moored — ready for us to board, not far from the cottage. It was comfy, cosy and airy, so we were soon ready for the "off.
Wee watched, with enjoyment, the scenery go by at a gentle speed, waving at other adventurers . as we glided along, we even came across a duck! Yes- only one, which gave us a quack as if to say — "Get out of my way". (Its hard to please everyone- even on a sunny day)
Back to the little cottage, for another drink, pleased with our day out. Still smiling we were taken back, safely, worn out — all of us — with doing nothing! A great day. A happy day. Thank you, ADCA .

Jessie — August 2019

PS And there's more

I forgot. I had a nice, cool, surprise. We were enroute to the cottage! It wasn't raining, that's for sure. It was like this — a good friend of mine was waving to another friend, with an open bottle of water in her hand — you can guess the next bit for sure ! Never mind, I was soon dry- sitting in the sun, outside that quaint, old cottage. Beside the canal, on a Friday afternoon!

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