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This week's report from Audlem St James Primary School includes the following important items

Reception New Starters September 2020

Do you have a child, or know a child locally, who is due to start school in September 2020? Remember the deadline for
admission applications is this Tuesday 15th January. Parents and carers can apply for a place at our school via Cheshire
East Council's website here.

One Way System around School

I would like to remind parents and carers of the agreement that traffic flow around school at drop off and pick up times
should follow a one way system during the hours of 8.30am and 9.30am and 2.45pm and 3.45pm. All parents and carers who
must drive close to school during these times are asked to follow a one way route around school (i.e. travelling down
Heathfield Road from Cheshire Street direction — with school on the right hand side — and continue to travel in this direction
in a loop around school and back onto Cheshire Street) at these times.
Please be aware that this does not mean that Heathfield Road is now officially a 'one way' road so all drivers should be aware
that they may still find non-school traffic travelling in the opposite direction during these times. Our school buses will be
leaving site at approximately 9am and 3.30pm daily and will turn left out of the school car park to ensure safe passing
through parked cars near school.
As always, I would urge all carers to consider where and how they park and give themselves additional time to park away
from school and walk the final part of the way into school wherever possible so we can work together to ensure the safety of
our children.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link below the picture.

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