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MS walk

My wife Sandra was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003.

She is currently doing the My MS Walk and is trying to do 26 miles and 385 yards in the month of August.

Her just giving me page is here

I am really proud of her, walking is difficult and painful for her So this to her is a real challenge

The fight to stop MS

The money raised from My MS Walk will fund life-changing MS research and take us even closer to finally stopping MS. Any donation will make a difference to the lives of people affected by MS. Here are just a few examples of what your money can do...

  • £50 — is enough to operate a high powered microscope for an hour to study cells and tissue affected by MS at the necessary resolution.
  • £100 — is enough to process 4 blood samples and extract information about genes and the immune system that is vital when testing out new treatments.
  • £250 — is enough to run an MRI scanner for an hour and provide the detailed images of the brain crucial for understanding MS progression. We are currently funding projects that use MRI scanners to carry out trials and understand MS in more detail.

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