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Rugby World Cup v ADAS Volunteers


It would appear that the email we sent to the planners of RWC dates went into their junk folder. We can't think of any other reason why they would have planned some of the matches to be scheduled for when we have village work to do. Better planning is required in four years' time.

We usually aim to do the rip-out (of Summer bedding) over one weekend, but given how valued our ADAS volunteers are and given that there is a match on Saturday 5 Oct, we're moving the rip-out to the following two Sundays -- 6 October and 13 October.

Meet at the Butter Market at 0930hrs with hand forks/trowels, garden forks, brushes, shovels, wheelbarrows, bags for plant material -- and a huge dollop of humour. There will be coffee and chocolate around 1100hrs, assuming someone has done the shopping.

Future Oct dates for your diary, which may be subject to change (RWC again!) are Autumn/Winter (and hopefully through to Spring) planting, as follows:

Sat 19 Oct

Sun 20 Oct

Sat 26 Oct

Sun 27 Oct

...we will confirm as soon as we can.

Then on to the Big Switch-On on 29 Nov .... no, I'll save those dates for post-RWC. But do picture, cool garage, Christmas trees, dressing said trees. What fun!

Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday 6 Oct. And if you've been issued a yellow vest, please bring it with you, stocks run low quickly.

Many thanks

Suzie Warren

Tel: 01270 811086 Mob: 07809 476523

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