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Ed: We have received this statement from Local Councillor Rachel Bailey, who was concerned to make sure that Audlem Residents had the opportunity to express their views to Cheshire East Council on this subject. Please contact Rachel or the Parish Council to make your views known.



Dear Resident

I think it is important that I clarify the attached press statement.


As lock down is eased and our roads get busier Cheshire East Council is looking to implement the Government's policy of temporary pavement widening, in a bid to allow necessary social distancing in towns and villages. As your local CE Councillor I have been in touch with the Parish Council as Cheshire East are expecting any comments/views to be registered by 29 May 2020; the Parish Council Highways Committee are kindly meeting, virtually, next week to consider areas of our village in which this interim measure might be considered.

Please contact the Parish Council and/or me if you have any queries or points you wish to raise.


The press statement also references long term pavement widening to encourage walking and cycling. I believe that whilst safety 'must always' come first, any decision to permanently widen pavements in the village should first have the benefit of a full consultation with the community of Audlem, including police, health, retailers, employers and fire service

If emergency temporary pavement widening occurs, that too could bring learning to any permanent proposal.

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Councillor Rachel Bailey
Phone; 07909982609

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