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Audlem Methodist Church

Parish Council Meeting -6th January

The Parish Council are meeting on Monday 6th January at 7.30pm in the Methodist Church on Shropshire Street. Below are some of the pertinent items to be discussed.

Budget Proposals

Councillors will be considering budget proposals for 2020-2021 and reviewing the current financial situation, the recommended budget and adequacy of balances and reserves, to meet the financial requirements of the next financial year. They will then vote to approve the level of precept so the Clerk can request this money from Cheshire East Council. It is proposed the precept level will not in increase for 2020- 2021.


Councillors will be considering grant requests from Audlem Football Club, Audlem Saints Football Club and TAVA.

Turnpike Field

Councillors will be discussing the procurement of works for the green car park and the progress of the pond installation by Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Villagers are welcome to attend. If you have anything you would like to discuss with Councillors you can bring this up in the Public Forum at the start of the meeting.

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