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This is another in a series of articles about physiotherapy treatment by Ceri Parsons -- the articles are available as a featured topic in the newsroom part of AudlemOnline, or can be accessed directly here.


Earlier this year one UK newspaper reported findings that approximately 8 million adults in Britain suffer from persistent pain which arises largely in the lower back.

Heading for a packet of painkillers may provide a quick fix, however certain painkillers become less effective with over use and a report produced by NICE (the independent body that makes recommendations for the NHS) has shown that the over use of some types of painkiller medication may be the reason that over 1 million people in the UK suffer from "constant crippling headaches".

For certain conditions, finding alternative non pharmaceutical options for the management of pain is clearly preferable.

The Pain-Spasm-Pain cycle

Within Physiotherapy there is a recognised 'pain-spasm-pain' vicious cycle. The mechanism of the cycle is that Pain creates muscle tension which decreases circulation in the tissues, which in turn increases the pain, produces yet more tension, even less circulation and further pain.

Physiotherapy which is a non invasive approach uses techniques to break the pain-spasm cycle and combined with education can offer solutions for how to best prevent future recurring episodes.

Audlem Physiotherapy Clinic

Audlem has its own 'Audlem Physiotherapy Clinic' led by Philippa Butler who provides one to one cost effective treatment. Philippa has over 30 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, is HCPC & CSP registered and accepts private patients. Philippa is located in Audlem Medical Practice and the Public Hall Annexe.

Speak to Philippa to see if Physiotherapy might benefit you. She can be contacted on 07854270796.

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