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Muse Jessie

Not too long ago -

No! That is stretching it a bit!!
A good many years ago!
(Time marches on!) I began writing my diaries,
There were times when I needed to keep a secret,
In my diary — so —
I would write it down in shorthand!
(very useful in my teenage years )
Knowing quite well no one could decipher the signs.


As time went by
There was no need for secrets anymore -
I just wrote down day by day happenings
Good or bad.


Family came along and time was of the essence
My diaries grew smaller
As the days grew shorter — or so it seemed!


Years came and went, and I found myself
Writing in bigger diaries —
Usually writing at the end of each day!
(Better, to me, than reading a book)


The family are grown up and have families of their own,
I can write my page- a day, with ease.
But, it still makes me cross
When I cannot read my secrets,
In 'them — thar diaries of long ago, long ago!

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