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A previous article celebrated the success of the first brambles Bake Off. Here are some more photos of the participants. Click on the photos to enlarge

Bake off
Bake Off
Bake Off
Bake Off
Bake Off
Bake Off
Bake Off
Bake Off

It was a very close, again, are the winners

Victoria Sandwich

1. Bryony Nixon
2. Grace Hardy
3. Carole Smith

Lemon Drizzle Cake

1. Roger Tanner
2. Wendy Blower
3. Kate Duckett

Artisan Loaf

1. Nancy Verso
2. Carole Smith
3. Debbie Collins

White Tin Loaf

1. Debbie Collins
2. Roger Tanner
3. Helen Atkins

Celebration Cake

1. Grace Hardy
2. Roger Tanner
3. Catherine Judd

Novelty Cupcakes

1. Olly Robinson
2. Amber Robinson
3. Lottie Duckett

Sausage Rolls

1. Molly Goodwin
2. Debbie Collins
3. Anne Pearson

Bramble & Apple Pie

1. Helen Atkins
2. Roger Tanner
3. Melissa Robinson

Best In Show

Nancy Verso, Artisan Loaf.

Thank you to my stockists for sponsoring this event with amazing prizes and congratulations to Eileen Brown who won the raffle and took home the SMEG Mixer!

See you next year.....