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How Old is the Original Building of the Audlem Medical Centre?

The recent AudlemOnline article about the completion of the new extension of the Medical Centre brought to the fore a question that has often intrigued me as I sit meditatively in the patients' waiting room.

Some medieval churches feature a 'hagioscope' or leper-window- a small hole in the outer wall directly in line with the altar. According to Wikipedia- "A small, splayed opening at seated eye level so that lepers and other non-desirables could see the service without coming into contact with the rest of the populace."

Today, in our present medical centre's waiting room in the outer wall, about 3 feet from the ground, behind the rocking horse, measuring some 6 ins square and glazed in thick glass you can see such a window!

The receptionists could not enlighten me why it was there and were bemused when asked if it dated from a time when leper patients could wait their turn sitting in the outer porch.

Has anyone else noticed this window and can anyone suggest a reason for its being there? Perhaps it's a suitable subject for research for the Audlem & District History Society.

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