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The Parish Council would again like to thank the many residents who attended the public consultations on whether the Parish Council should put in a bid for the field. Nearly 200 responses were received to the Community Survey indicating whether precept payers are for or against the proposal and what level of precept increase they would consider acceptable. Only 5 people did not agree with the proposal. Thanks also to those who offered to make a donation or volunteered their help with the project should we be successful in our tender.

In the interests of transparency an analysis of comments received from those who completed the Community Survey and also the Report to the Council on the possibility of putting in a bid for the Green Lane field is attached. Please note that certain information is redacted from the published Report on the grounds that it could give other interested parties an insight into what level of bid the Parish Council had in mind.

Based on the excellent input and support from precept payers the Parish Council has applied for 'Permission to Borrow'. This has been reviewed by Cheshire Association of Local Councils and is now with the DCLG for their approval. They have promised to review this as swiftly as possible but we have no definite date to expect a response.

As mentioned in the public consultations, Mark Ellis had proposed putting in a joint bid for the field with the Parish Council. Councillors met with Mr Ellis to find out more about his plans, which we agreed would remain confidential.

Councillors are very aware of the very strong support at public meetings and in Survey responses for attempting to buy the field purely to retain it as green space for community use; any additional parking would be a bonus but was a secondary consideration. Many people were against any joint venture. As the field is outside the settlement boundary any application for planning permission for development would be in conflict with the Cheshire East Local Plan and the Audlem Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council would have to oppose any proposal to build. After due consideration it was agreed to thank Mr Ellis for his offer of a joint venture but to decline.

The Parish Council will meet on Monday 14th May for its Annual Meeting. The second part of the meeting will be closed to the public whilst a decision is taken about the Parish Council should bid for the field.

A further update will be given as and when there is anything to report.