Going Down a Bomb at Williams

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Going Down A Bomb At Williams!


Williams' announce an explosion of smell and colour in store, as we have just taken our first delivery of Bomb Cosmetic's fabulous candle range!

All Bomb's products are 100% handmade, vegan friendly, not tested on animals (nor supplied to countries that require testing on animals) and do not use micro beads. They also use natural ingredients whenever possible including natural glitters! These products are available around the world; London. Auckland, Baghdad, Bengal, Paris etc.... and now they are also available for the first time, here in Audlem!

These colourful creations make fantastic gifts for any adult, or provide a real treat for your own home. There's lots of delicious fragrances to chose from such as Warm Espresso, Chocolate Orange,Rhubarb Rave, Nectarine & Amaretto, Pink Bubbly, Elderflower and Apple,... to name just a few! All have lovely scents, and are beautifully presented- so come in store, and find your own favourite flavoured, perfumed perfection!!