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Ralph walks through fire

AudlemOnline has received this and we are happy to publish it as an anonymous tribute....

The British Empire Medal is a British medal awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown.

It is awarded to unsung heroes and heroines who have quietly — well mostly! — gone the extra mile to help neighbours friends or communities.

By awarding it, the Crown, and Audlem in particular, are recognising someone who has made a real contribution to their community, who has given up their spare time organising community events on a regular basis, bringing people together, and making a difference to the lives of those who are elderly or vulnerable without any thought of recognition or thanks.

This person provides outstanding services to our local community due to his personal energy, positive initiatives and determination to succeed.

Some would say this person walks on water, however in his case he has been seen to walk on fire to raise money for local hospices. He is not only a bastion of the community, loyal, reliable and hard working, but he is a stalwart within our village.

Sometimes the people in our lives are like pillars, they hold us up and sometimes it is enough to know they are standing by to lean on should we fall. This person has the human touch, as shown by his single minded endeavour to support individuals when in need or crisis.

This person has contributed to so many activities and initiatives which have benefitted our village, never failing to involve other community members and colleagues. He has tirelessly worked in voluntary capacities and carried out work which is considered over and above.

No person has ever been honoured for what they receive — honour is the reward for what he has given.

Ralph Warburton BEM, you have finally received recognition for everything you have given to our village. It is an honour and privilege to know you and we thank you whole heartedly from the bottom of our hearts.

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