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Hankelow Diggers

A few days ago our local reporter was called to a dig which was being undertaken on Hankelow by five entrepreneurial gentlemen of the village.
They had apparently heard that some large companies were interested in Fracking in the area for oil or gas.

Thinking this might be a good source of gas for the village which is not supplied at the moment they hired a digger and began seeking rocks which might yield gas.

A trench was dug and suitable rocks were sought. Their hopes soared as something solid was struck by the digger only to find a fountain of water shoot up as the water supply was cut!

Retreating fast they decided to cut their losses by laying a badly needed drain accross the green to the pond to drain excess water!

Our special Hankelow reporter, Ian Jones, has unearthed an interesting sequel:-
I was pleased to see your excellent report on AOL this morning. However, further information has come to light informing the gentlemen of Hankelow that the fractured watercourse has now been identified as Roman, constructed by Vespasian in 15AD. It carried water from Hankoriam (Hankelow) to Fridgidare Pontius (Coole Pilate). Further digs are planned in the future. I will keep AOL informed.

Editor's note — we have consulted eminent historians in the area, and it seems improbable that Vespasian would have constructed this pipe some 40 years before the Romans actually arrived in Cheshire.
It appears more likely that the pipe is of Iron Age origin and originally connected the course of the nearby water pond supply in Hankelow with the main watercourse of the River Weaver — hence its local name "The Hankelow Intercourse".

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