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Dod Mess
Dog Mess
Dog Mess

Dog Mess endangering Children's Health on Playing Field

I am a coach with Audlem Saints football club and have to say that it is a real pleasure coaching these local kids, they really are coming on by leaps and bounds and are going from strength to strength.

However this season more than most we are having real problems with dog owners letting their pets foul on the sports field. We have had children with it on their clothes, boots and hands

This is a huge Health and Safety issue. The coaches do scan the sports field and clear as much as possible, but it is not nice — disgusting in fact. We are now clearing up behind dogs before even setting up equipment for our sessions each Saturday.


Most of us love dogs, including myself and and my son, but in recent weeks we have had owners letting their dogs run onto the pitch during coaching sessions. Also, and I have personally witnessed this, dog owners watch their dogs urinate against our equipment. Other owners let their dog out of the car onto the field and then get back into their car and let their dogs excercise alone !

We all need to do more on this matter before a child 's health suffers. Hopefully publicising it on AudlemOnline will focus attention and make something happen — perhaps by the Parish Council.

I enclose photos taken from our session on Saturday June 15th 2019

Ed: We have been requested to clarify that this club is not the same as Audlem Saints Junior Football club as follows:

"Please note that the current football sessions on a Saturday morning are not affiliated to Audlem Saints Junior Football Club.

Our season runs in tandem with the Football League and therefore starts at the end of August up until the following May each year."

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