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More photos of the Cowpat results day activity including Lulu the cow, the farmer, the field, the relevant cowpat (the small one on the left came first), the judges and their attention to detail in examining the entries and the stop watch timing of the exact moment that Lulu performed.

cowpat Img_0606
cowpat Img_1106
cowpat Img_1109
cowpat Img_1110
cowpat Img_1111
cowpat Img_0608
cowpat Img_0616
cowpat Img_0619
cowpat Img_0673
cowpat Img_0646 1
cowpat Img_1112

The ADCA Committee wishes to express its huge thanks to Geof Clarke and Phil Lloyd who ran the competition, to Lynn & Neil Morear for their outstanding ticket sales performance, to all the Audlem Traders who sold tickets, to Tim Rees for the loan of his field and cow and to everyone in Audlem & District and far beyond who bought tickets. The sum of £1,341 was raised for ADCA funds.