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Thanks to David Parry, Bob Fousert, Debbie Tildsley and Ken Lee who all spotted and reported the problem.

The wheels fall off

It was bound to happen of course — publish a story about the success of buy/sell and literally the next day it falls apart!

Anyway we have at least managed to get to the bottom of it — it is caused by any buy/sell entry which includes a line of description which starts with a — (i.e. hyphen) character. This appears to screw up (to use a technical term) the formatting process within the buy/sell display.

So we have removed the offending character from the most recent entries (there were 5 of them) and all now seems to be well.

And we would ask buy/sell contributors to avoid hyphens at the start of lines, and we as editors will try to spot them when the entries are moderated. The real solution of course would be to change the actual program so that it can't happen, but this inevitably is not a trivial exercise.

Apologies to all buy/sell users.

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