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Brooks Mill Circular
Brooks Mill Circular

The Brooks Mill Circular Walk

Leave the Public Hall car park at the rear past the tennis courts and descend to the canal. Turn left on the towpath and continue under Bridge 78until you reach lock 7 just below the next bridge Bridge 77. Cross the lock and ascend to a permissive path.( If this path is blocked for any reason see below.) Turn right and continue to the A529. Cross the road and go down Mill Lane.

Go under the railway bridge and take the footpath on the left. Continue roughly parallel to the river descending eventually to a footbridge over the Ducklow. Climb steeply, bearing left, to a gate on higher flat ground. The path is indistinct here but turning right past ponds will bring you to a gate on a path from Heywood Lane. Once through the gate keep the hedge on your left and turn sharply left as the hedge turns. Follow the hedge with a wooded valley on your right until you near a field boundary ahead. Before this descend through the wooded valley and climb around the left edge of a field until you meet a stile.

Once over the stile head across the field aiming a hundred metres or so to the right of the buildings associated with Newtown Farm. Cross the road to the farm and continuing in the same direction descend to a bridge over a small As you near buildings and the A525 turn left over the stile. Keep to the left of all property boundaries and cross a stile onto a small lane. Turn right and continue to the main road.

Cross the A525 (take care here) and turn right down a lane past the Methodist Chapel to Brooks Mill. Be considerate and keep dogs under control as you go through the property.

As you near the house turn right over a metal bridge and then right again over a sleeper bridge. Follow the bank on your left until you meet a track. Climb this and head towards Lower House Farm, keeping it on your right. Reaching Back Coole Lane turn right towards Audlem and then shortly go left on a footpath along a hedge. At the next boundary turn half right and aiming for the middle of the hedge facing you carry on to a small lane by Manor Farm on Coole Lane.

Turn right down the lane and then left towards Nantwich along Coole Lane . (Care here around the bend) Leave Coole Lane by a stile on the right some way past the last of the buildings. Head half left across two fields and turn left after crossing the stile in the hedge. Keep the hedge on your left through a narrow wooded area and when the hedge stops carry on to the right of a clump of trees to meet a stile on the old railway line.

Turn half right here to descend through boggy ground to a bridge over the River Weaver. Head up the field and take a gate and stile on your left to reach canal bridge 79 by Moss Hall. Descend to the canal and turn left. This last stretch will bring you to the Shroppie Fly pub and the steps you initially descended from the car park.

Alternative exit from canal.
Return to lock 11. Cross the canal and descend on a footpath to the A529. Continue almost straight ahead up a driveway to Copthorne Drive. Cross this and descend steps to the A525 (take care here). Turn left and left again onto Mill Lane just before the river bridge. Just past Swanbach Mill the road ascends and turns left. Take the footpath on the right before the railway bridge rejoining the original route.