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On Saturday, 5th October Brine Leas School in Nantwich opened its doors to around 200 pupils from years 5 and 6 of primary schools throughout Crewe and Nantwich for its annual 'Activity Day'. The youngsters opted to become actively involved in a wide range of practical activities- from making chocolate creatures in the cookery room to programming Lego robots with IT staff; developing forensic skills in the laboratory while making and launching their own rockets with the help of technology staff; learning new game skills in the Sports Hall, devising a dance and printing bags with their own designs -- were just some of the workshops on offer to introduce them to the staff and facilities available at a large secondary school.

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  • Grace Broad concentrates on painting her Pizza box
  • Olivia Spender, Sophie Hodgkiss, Willow Michelmore and Emily Leach proudly show their finished chocolate creature
  • Henry Lesson, Luke Downey, Harry Stockton and Holly Hornby excitedly await for their rockets to be launched
  • Alfie Bateman, Dan Pollard, Grace Davies and Lily Owen eagerly await to use their newly printed bags
  • Isobel Jones, George Jackson, Lucy Tonkin and Louis Dore put their heads together to solve a maths puzzle
  • Evan Boatman, Ben Gregory, Oliver Morris and Rowan Canvin-Ross put the finishing touches to their Lego robot
  • Mya Marshall cheerfully paints her mask
  • Lexi Bebbington, Charlie Williams and Terrie Moseley use new science skills to solve a murder

Headteacher, David Cole, commentated: 'It was a pleasure to see so many young students enjoying themselves'.