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Ed — well we all know that Audlem rocks, of course, but this is a new angle on it altogether.

New Craze Hits the Ground

A new craze has been sweeping through the Northwest and has taken off in Audlem..

Audlem Rocks is the latest craze to entice young and old alike — the rocks are unique, hand-painted, and many are numbered, with the finders being encouraged to 'snap' a picture and post on social media. The unique little rocks can then be rehidden and have been surfacing in all parts of the country from as far afield as Lands End to John O'Groats!

This new craze for 'painted rocks' has been happening since the start of the summer when the team who run the Audlem Lass Boat Service, started sourcing, decorating and hiding 'painted rocks'. Each stone carries a message for the finder to take a picture of their find, share it on social media, and then re-hide or visit the 'Audlem Lass', at Overwater Marina, bringing the rock onto the boat with them.

Audlem Rocks has proved to be such a great success that the local Tourist Group has encouraged the many and varied trades and businesses in and around Audlem to share in the fun which is playing a part in spreading the word of what they have to offer.

Rock hunting is free, open to any age group and perfect for any weather so keep your eyes peeled, where ever you may be, and hunt for the eye-catching rocks, visit Audlem, take a trip on the 'Audlem Lass', explore Overwater Marina and the many and varied shops, cafes, and other facilities in Audlem and its surrounding areas and see just how Audlem Rocks!

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