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Message to Micheline Stockton

There is an opportunity for someone to collect memories of the 'old school' before it is too late! Opened in 1869, I imagine you are more interested in the years you were there?

If you look in the archive there are memories but nothing about what went on inside, just about going to school mainly. There are many group photos but little of the school shows.

The only interior is from 1935 a party in the main hall.To find them click on AOL Archive then under buildings and select Audlem Primary School but there are more if you deselect that again and select Junior school. Then deselect that and go to Organisations then Audlem Junior school and we have a pupil in uniform 1954, a party going to see the Queen in Nantwich 1955, a photo of sports day c. 1964 and lots more groups. The groups have names but if you can add any we would be grateful.

They moved to the new school in 1973. (Cheshire street was originally called Turnpike road)

I suggest you put an appeal on AudlemOnline and on Facebook-the audlempastandpresent-page.

Sylvia davies and rosemary Mills are regulars if you know them?

If you like to send any memories the History Society would be glad to store them.

Cheers Celia Bloor

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