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As we continue our tour of friendlies in common with much greater teams than
we, we play today at Sandbach School for Boys . A school that dates way back to 1677 established then as a grammar school and now a free school- one of the first such in the country. Present day
building, housing some 1200 boys, dates from 1857.

Now -- a mess of square block building with the look of tiredness about the place . The original
founders must be turning in their graves .

The day. Rain, rain and yet more rain. And this on the Big Day of the Transport Festival of Audlem. Started way back in 2000 as we celebrated the New Millennium . So sad for all the ASET team after weeks of blistering sun!

Our opponents are Sandwich Town F C. A strong team . A good team .

Good squad in numbers again with the sprinkling of new signings . If only we can keep up our winning streak .
Taking the chance, I park my trusty Volvo on the side lines to avoid sitting in the rain as I observe the game.
We play in our new away kit of bright yellow tops with the new blue shorts and socks.

Kick off at 1100

1110 and Sandbach score -- a stupid easy goal with our defence asleep
Blow me down -- and again we leak like a colander.
We shake ourselves and off goes Mark Parker -- our top scorer , and he puts
it away.
A shot by Mark goes from post to post along the line and their goalie scoops
it out without the Referee seeing it. Denied a sure goal!!
Sandbach reply with another easy goal.


Rain eased off now. Lots of water taken in by thirsty players . Subs played as MGMT team aim to use all our players

We are awarded a penalty . Mark steps up -- and scores low to the left hand
Torn apart once more
1220. Joe Benson -- on as sub, races in and scores!
Free kick to us but no gain as we do perform better.
Opponents score
3-5 we finish.
Off we troop to the Leopard in Nantwich for a glass .
Next game is 5th -- away to Faddiley .

See my photo as I dry the kit. So begins 8 months of my laundering the kit as it saves us £10 a week compared with having it done commercially.
Ralph Warburton

Ed: What a hands on Chairman!

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