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First of this new year. This very momentous new year -- one that will play a huge part as to the future of this country as we cut ourselves loose and cast away from the EU, into very unknown waters and much chest beating. How it will shape up is a total mystery , in this modern world of trade and cross fertilisation of ideas and research.

But, as I hear the owls in my garden as dawn breaks, it betokens a good day ahead.
Sadly my computer was attacked by evil scum who saying they were Microsoft , needed to help me sort out things as they said my pc had been corrupted. In fact it was this bunch of thieves who were doing the corruption .

Enough -- I cut short my being with the team, but travel again to the Barony to face Natwich Pirates , a team we have never played before . All I can do is get the kit there and ready for the team . From then on as I drive home to meet with Jonathan my son, who is here to help cleanse my PC. All action is taken over by our Kev Mort .
His reports to me as follows :

  • Kick off on a mild day with a good pitch. Referee is Mike Wharburton. No relation to me .
  • Good squad


  • awarded a penalty and Kevin Beresford steps up -- and misses!


  • open goal yawning as Ben Spruce attack's -- and he misses!
  • Oops , are we in for a bad day ?


  • Penalty awarded to us . Andrew ( Becko) Betteley steps up. Shoots -- right into the goalies arms, so more bad luck.
  • We are bossing the game and dictating play but still scoreless .


  • Lewis Williams fires in a shot and on the rebound Becko scores
  • 1-0 to us!!
  • James Bebbington tells me the ball was traveling at 98 mph -- a slight exaggeration me thinks.


  • Pirates first real threat and blow me down , they score . Poor defending
  • 1-1


  • Becko races down the right flank, crosses to on rushing Ben Spruce , who scores a sweet goal
  • 2-1


  • More sloppy defending and the Pirates steal a goal
  • 2-2
  • Then Kevin Beresford puts away his shot
  • We win 3-2 . A great way to start 2019 .
  • Happy bunch of players make their way to the Nags Head in Haslington for victory grub and lagers .
  • Next game is up to Winsford to play Winsford Over 3 team .

Ralph Warburton

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