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AFC Team Photo 2018/19

The collection of stories that make us what we are is a wonder to all. Who would ever have dreamt that that a baby born in Kirkdale , Liverpool would be here to end his days in deepest South Cheshire. All that we have seen. All that we achieved. All is just a flowing moment in the grand sphere of
things .

And as I prepare for the next football game , I reflect on this and console myself as the life I enjoy here is so very good from every aspect. The result is less than that of the winning , but to play the game as well as we can.

Enough of this meandering and out into the cold of the early morning. To trek to the Barony Playing Fields A wide expanse of grass in the centre of Nantwich, worth to my mind in excess of £10/12 million if sold for development.

Bells of St Mary's beautiful church ringing out. Weather calmer after the winds of yesterday, and the sun peeking out from high cloud now and then.

We have problems in getting a team together -- holidays (half term) , broken ribs and ankles. So Mgr Kev Rodgers manages to get 13 together augmented by two more signings in the person of Josh Williams in goal and Carl Greatbanks stiffening mid field line .

We face the White Horse team . We last met them early October here at our ground and were beaten 3-2 .
But. He who laughs ,last longest -- I hope it is us with smiles on our faces

Referee Alan Husher. An official who is well respected and allows the game to flow with a firm but not heavy hand. No nit-picking by him which makes for a good match.

1058 and we kick off. We are in our away strip of yellow and blue versus our opponents in their blue/black kit.
Fast and furious as each side seeks to dominate. Ambulances racing past on the Sainsbury's road that lies next to the pitch. Josh on goal stops a fierce shot with good hands.
They are well in our half as they try to batter our goal. Great cross by Ben Spruce gets us our first corner .
Ross Henderson arrives -- he is suspended for this march having earned a red card and a £30 fine! Back next Sunday.
Bit of sun lights the play.
1120 Kev Rodgers sends in a fine shot but it is gathered up by their goalie.
A spate of no real shots on either goal.
1132 Then they race up -- their number 8 very fast and very effective., and they score
1137 A tussle as a player deliberately kicks Kev Rodgers in the belly. Red
card so they are down to 10 men.


Rousing talk by KR as her urges more from the team. We can win this he states very forcibly.

Second Half
We are underway.
Great cross met by Ben Spruce but his header goes over., We are so close to scoring.
Play stopped a dump of dog mess is removed!!
Seagull calling overhead. I wonder what he is doing here so far from the coast

Corner to them but safely away.
Luke Kennedy comes off and Chris Anderson is on.
1208 Great feed by Kev Rodgers is met by Thomas Capewell and he scores
All our pressure has worked!

1212 Great ball by Andrew Beco Betteley but goalie tips it away.
Tom Bebbington -- having a very good game at just 18 years of age, sends a
fine feed to Ben Spruce and on to Mark Parker . A chance missed.
David Farrall of the Exec Board here -- again very welcome with his in depth
insight of the game.
Corner to them . No gain
Mark Parker off as Jake comes on

1230 Kev Rodgers off and Mark back on.
We should be in front by now -- playing 10 men !

1237 Superb feed by Beco is met by Ben Spruce. Goal!!!

We win as Ref blows up .
Man of the match awarded by our opponents to Luke Kennedy.
We win, but played less well than we did last week.
Next game is at home as we welcome Broadhurst F C from Winsford for the
first time.
Do come and support us on what will be a very emotional Armistice Day after 100 years since the peace was declared.

Ralph Warburton
Audlem F C .