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Awake early as need to mark the scores of the Quiz Teams before I do anything else .

A note to think on. I was out to the Lleyn peninsular .Actually Abererch , where I was guest of very close friends for a few days. Glorious crystal clear waters and many lovely stones and shells on the deserted beach as I played with the two boys- aged 2 and 3. A very happy moment in my life.
Driving back via the excellent A55 , I noted on my arrival -- A windscreen bereft of flies etc !! Such a marker as to what we have done to nature . 60 years ago my screen would be crusted . So much for pesticides and the destruction of wild flower meadows. What great harm we have done to nature in the drive to grow more meats. And maize etc .

I so despair for the young of today. When did you last see dragon flies zooming in your plants in the garden?
Who can remedy this ? Only us. Today's mankind can remedy this -- and hopefully not too late.

But the game..

Pitch looking the best for many a year.
Hopefully Cheshire East will begin the care of the pitch as we enter the new season.
We , the village , still working to take the playing field over and as such to secure it "ad infinitum ". 15 years we have been waiting , following a massive vote so to do. The wheels of progress on this grind ever so slow!

Light breeze still but the sun warning up .
Today we face Betley FC -- a class team , part of the top five teams in the leagues. So a tough task for us to contain them and perhaps to even win!

COVID rules observed to the full. Sanitizers . All who take part have temperature taken.all below the danger level of 38.8c

Test and Trace forms completed by both teams. Good turn out of 17 players for us

Referee Jem Cornes.

Kick off at 1100.
First corner goes to Betley . A lousy wild kick .
( a note. Betley without 9 of their squad as one of a stag party on Zakinthos ( Zante) was tested and found with the virus , so all where isolated on their return)
Most of the early play is in our half as BFC press hard.
And the wonderful bells of St James carry over to us.
First corner for us . .no gain
Free kick to BFC . As Alin Burcea brushes a player to one side.
Corner to BFC . Ball headed fast for our goal , but in the melee, James Bebbington clears off the line! Phew. Close that.
Chance for Mark Parker but his shot goes wide.
Betley attack our goal and Skipper Thomas Capewell save what looked like a sure goal 1130
James Bebbington off and Carl Greatbanks on
More attacks on our goal come to naught .
Half time
Subs played

Second half .

Mark Parker off and new player Rob Martin comes on
And Betley score . A screamer
Shot by Alin -- diverted onto the side post . Alin really attacking well.
Free kick just outside their box for foul on ever rushing Alin. No gain
Mesmerising run by Alin as he twists and turns and carves up their defence -- and his shot flies into the tennis courts . Close !
Crash of two player as they land on a tiny 10 week old Weimaraner puppy. Damage to the pup we fear as owner takes if off to the vet . Must really stop folks standing too close to the line .

Then , the onrushing Alin takes on three defenders as he powers towards their goal. Shot low and hard . And scores. A truly beautiful individual goal!
Kev Mort Comes on as Alin comes off.
Sunshine so lovely .
1220 corner to BFC. Scramble in our goalmouth. Pete Jones clears away.
We attack upfield and the ever running and fearless Ross Henderson sends in a screamer -- and scores !
2-1 .
BFC strike in return but hit our bar.
Mores subs played.
Blow me down. A scramble shot and they score
They got through us like a hot knife through butter .
Free kick for opponents . No gain.
Final whistle
Game over .
Best preseason run we have had in our history .
Off to the welcome snacks etc at our sponsor, Adam , at the Bridge Inn.

Next Sunday.

First game of the new season.
At home , versus White Horse of Nantwich.

Ralph Warburton