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The next meeting of the Audlem Education Foundation takes place on Wednesday 8th July. Any new applications to be considered should be received by the Clerk by Monday the 6th July.

Whilst mindful that formal education, music and elite level sporting activities, for most young people in the village have been on hold for the past few months, we would like to remind potential applicants that may have forgotten, or delayed, their applications from previous school/ college terms.

Applications should be on the official application form, which must be completed in full, However, given that many institutions are still closed, or less accessible, we are accepting alternative proof of attendance for courses/school trips etc, other than school/ college official stamps.

Whilst each application will be considered on its merits, these are some general guidelines ;

* Applicant need to be 25 or under and must live full time within Audlem church parish boundary (which includes most of Hankelow, Coxbank Buerton, Lightwood Green and Wilkesley)
* Grants are not means tested -- they are intended to be for the benefit of all the young people of the parish.They are intended to support education, learning opportunities,and/or elite sporting activities, and are not intended to be granted for social, medical or economic reasons
* Grants are made as a contribution towards costs, and not intended to cover entire costs
* Grants are not available for hobby, or leisure past times.
* To qualify for contribution, educational trips must be 2 days duration, or over.
* Grants towards music, or other performing arts lessons are considered only if these result in formal qualifications. These should be made on an annual basis and application must show consistent attendance for each term.
* Grants are available towards Duke Of Edinburgh Awards, and other officially recognised personal skills development courses.

* Sporting grants are intended for those participating at County level (or higher) or equivalent (according to type of structure within the sport).
* Whilst items of equipment & tools (sporting & educational) may be considered for one off grants, this does not extend to collections of small consumable items such as paper, ink, small item coursework materials or optional sportswear & small item sports consumables etc. As a rough guide, individual coursework books and equipment under £15 are unlikely to qualify.
* A lump sum grant is available towards course cost for university, apprenticeship and professional training courses etc for those aged 18 -25 years. These are to a maximum of 3 years,The first year grant being the largest, with subsequent year grants at a reduced level. Additional applications for costs will not qualify for any further funding for that year from the scheme.
* Grants are not available for private tutoring, additional lessons, or work experience.
* Travel costs, (excluding those already included part of an organised trip) will not qualify.
* Grants for participation in youth club, scouts,guides or similar, may be considered if at a national, or international, level.It does not however cover subscriptions, uniforms, or routine weekly activities or badges.

This list is by no means inclusive, or exhaustive, but intended to be used as a general guide. If in doubt, please enquire with the Clerk, before proceeding with your application.