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Out of lockdown?

The government has issued guidelines to be followed for gyms to be able to reopen from July 25th.

The Gym Management Committee have spent some time working out what this would involve for us to be able to reopen the Gym in the Public Hall Annexe.

We would have to put in place some stringent controls to be sure that

  • Only the approved number of users are in the gym at any one time.
  • Social distancing rules are obeyed (this requires limitations on the use of certain pieces of equipment).
  • Hygiene rules are being followed
  • Full cleaning of equipment and space is done daily.

All this is going to be difficult to organise and potentially quite expensive. We may have to install a booking system and/or more CCTV coverage, for example, and we are certainly going to have to put a much more frequent cleaning regime into place..

We are going to investigate all these points in more detail, and at the same time we will attempt to gauge the likely use of the gym by members with some quite serious restrictions in place, before we decide how and when we might be able to reopen.

So the gym will not reopen on July 25th, but we will be reviewing the situation constantly to see when it might be possible.

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