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Since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, there has been an exceptional number of articles relating to Covid-19 and all its ramifications for village life.

We have been publishing many more than usual articles every day for the last week, and some of those have necessarily combined a number of individual reports. The danger is that these become lost in the morass of detail and very difficult to isolate individual bits.

So we have rearranged the Covid-19 news section somewhat.

Instead of a straight link from the Covid-19 tab, there is now a "dropdown" of a series of headings

Village information tries to include all the latest information we have about ADCA and its services and the state of the shops and businesses in the village.

Stories, poems and articles contains all the various items we have published about the Covid-19 situation — some serious and some not so serious. We anticipate, indeed we hope that some of our readers will alleviate the boredom of lockdown by creating more of these, which will be delighted to publish. There will be little enough going on the village anyway so we must find something for our readers!

Coronavirus facts tries to include links to the various sources of information, mainly from Cheshire East and the NHS about the virus and its consequences.

Business support is there as a link to other information that we have received about the effects on business and what they can do about it.

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