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Nantwich Show

On the 24th July I went to the Nantwich Show to view some of the fantastic things on display. It is the largest one day agricultural show in the UK.

The cheese selection in particular was very good, with the Show being the largest cheese show in the world. The International Cheese Awards draws people from around the world to Cheshire. Last year there was 5,685 submissions from over 30 countries from around the world.

Cheshire West Consult on new Traveller sites

Cheshire West and Chester Council are preparing a Traveller Development Plan which will look to identify the need for Gypsy, Traveller, and Travelling Showpersons accommodation in the area.

They are consulting on this plan now and are looking for the views of stakeholders, residents and landowners about the approach to site selection.

The Council are asking questions about the plan and looking for potential sites that may be used to host permanent traveller sites in the future.

You can give your views by going to and submitting a comment before the 5th October.

United Utilities Update

Despite some rain falling across the North West over the last week the hosepipe ban is still going forward on the 5th August. They have advised that water usage has stabilised but unfortunately reservoir levels have not improved.

United Utilities have informed me they have taken several actions to reduce the need for a hosepipe ban including halting improvement works and using the manpower to double the number of leak repair teams. This has allowed them to increase the number of leaks fixed from an average of 450 a week to over 750 a week.

Along with many other measures they are also submitting applications for drought permits, which will allow them to supplement their reservoirs with water from the environment.


Discussing the A51 with local Councillor Hugo Deynem

Cllr Deynam spoke with me about the impact which HS2 is almost certainly going to have on the A51 and the lack of action from Cheshire West Council.

With the station at Crewe it is highly likely that more vehicles are going to be using the A51, a road which has already seen an increase in traffic in recent years. The Council should be planning for the future and looking at how this is going to impact the road and what can be done to mitigate the increase. The first step of this is to commission a "traffic impact study" on the road and then look at what measures would be suitable to help residents to deal with the increase of traffic.

I wrote to the Acting Chief Executive of the Council to urge them to commission a traffic study, and I hope they do so and ensure that the fullest of time can be used to plan for the future.