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Village centre
Ralph Warburton

We see him here, we see him there,
Usually with a hat upon his hair!
He drives many cars and rides a sleigh,
And can be seen on Audlem Lass on switch on day.

On every other Sunday he's at the field,
Watching the match-his eyes are peeled,
If Audlem FC play well and astound,
He's always the first to buy them a round.

He dishes out help for the less able folk,
He really is a very special, top bloke,
His efforts are everywhere it's plain to see,
From the flags, the quizzes-even the cemetery!

He always seems to give his all,
Even trying to arrange a dance in the Hall,
His charity efforts some may balk
But hey did you see his fire walk?

His suggestions on AOL always create debate,
Music, fireworks, the church, fish to the bait,
Love him or hate him that's up to you,
But Audlem without him would be duller it's true!

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