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´╗┐Now from my sleep and to fresh croissants from the Coop store we have here in Audlem , I have finished my early chores and settle down with them and fresh coffee to watch Match if the Day on BBC .
A pleasing start before I load up on the Remembrance Sunday, some 100 or so years ago since the signing of the Armistice .
And I reflect on the programme hosted by David Attenborough covering life on our planet today. He leads us though Asia into Indonesia and to the Orangutang . Brings back memories I have of the 70's when I was there seeking to trade for knitwear etc in my role as head of buying for Littlewoods. Visiting factories and assessing them . Much Japanese money there setting up the huge plants . And seeing young orangutang held as pets by the factory owners wives. I ask -- in my innocence , how do they come by
these young creatures. Easy he says, we shoot the mother!! Such avarice and heartlessness to want to have the status symbol of their own creature.
Needless to say we did not trade with that factory .

Super programme that is and we see through the eyes of their cameras just what destruction we have set free in our world today. I do so despair .

But . Now to our next game

We are at home in our Rolls Royce quality changing rooms and showers which we hire from the hall committee, as indeed we face costs for the pitch such as paying for grass mowing etc and white line marking .
Our opponents are Broadhurst F C of Northwich . Run by the Broadhurst family , famous as bakers there in the town . Very pleasant management. Now we have to wipe away some of the poor showing of recent weeks and win!!
Referee is Darren Waters who does enjoy officiating here . Our pitch is the smallest in all the league, just above the minimum allowed by the FA. So overviewing the play is somewhat easier on the eye .

Team photo taken.

11:00. And we observe the two minutes silence . Impeccably . Players wearing poppies on their shirts .
First throw in goes to us. We have three subs today including Kev Mort our player .manager
11:15 And we are mostly in their half .
Ref books an opponents player for "mouth" and sin bins him .
11:25 Much lip being given to the ref by BFC . It will not play well for them .
11:30 Set piece as they get a corner , but fire it over the bar .
Game 50/50 at present but in essence it does not have much teeth .
Great shot by BFC at Our goal but Connor Baxter our goalie tips it over the bar .
Fine driving pass by Andrew "Beco" Betteley to Mark Parker but his shot Is tame.
Pressure is all from us as we play well but cannot connect in front of their goal.
11:45 Effort by Lewis Williams -- just over the bar. Lewis is really hungry in his attacks . He gets bowled over time after time and this time he is injured .
Half Time .
11:51 Long free kick by BFC is met by a header -- into our net , but referee adjudges offside
Sun much higher now but still shining in the eyes of Connor .
12:05 Corner again to them but Connor palms away the shot on goal.
Succession of free kicks and corners but no gain .
12:15 Another shot by Lewis results in a corner but no gain to us .
12:23 Player down as Lewis tackles hard. Lewis booked.
12:25 And we score!!! Lewis again. He is having a great game .


12:29. Super pass by Beco to Will Cork, but goalie saves his shot .
Subs. Kev Mort on , Mark Parker off.
Beco off and Kev Rodgers comes on to the field of play .
Great individual run up field by Richard Nally, but no one there to meet his sweeping pass .
12:45. A throw in by BFC's goalie -- upfield as they seek a goal -- into the melee by our goal and in the morass of players , in goes the ball!!


One minute from the end and we end up with a draw, when in truth we should have won.
So many times are we undone from set pieces .
Next game is on the 17th -- away to Bridge Inn of Haslington in a cup tie.
Thanks to those who came to give us their support.

Ralph later added

Remembrance Sunday

It has been said to me that we, Audlem Football Club, did not observe the two minutes silence.
I have to report that all present, home and away teams, were totally silent throughout and fully respectful as the referee blew to start and then to close. Immaculately observed.

All our players wore poppies on their shirts in the same way as all Premiership players did. Bought for them by our funds .
I hope that all those who made the comment will accept this .