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As I write this, my usual report, I must make mention of the fact that close to 400 elephants have died last year in Sri Lanka (used to be Ceylon in the days of the British Empire) and the detail of how these magnificent gentle beasts succumbed to man.
Many poisoned by villagers to stop them walking on the crops they plant after cutting down the trees that the beasts fed on. Some died as they hit electric fences.
Brings back memories of the time my late and much missed wife Joan were staying in the Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe. One afternoon, we decided to go for a walk in the bush and headed towards the great river Zambezi. As we walked, we noted the imprint of the feet of elephants so we listened carefully.
As we came near the river, a sudden group of the huge animals was there in front of us. About 30 yards away. The bull spread his ears as wide as possible and trumpeted. His six females walked fast to the river as I stood ramrod still. Jo was behind me and I said don't move! Myself not moving at all, I say take a photo if you can. She did and it is here in one on my many albums. Stupid of us -- but what an adventure! We made it to the river later and saw hippopotamus across on the other bank.
Back we walked in time for dinner, as Jo tried crocodile steak. Crazy when I think back.

But. Enough. To the wilds of Cheshire

Game at home , versus White Horse of Nantwich .
Again a very full listing of players turning out . Really good support this season with the influx of new signings . Some of the army lads back, including defender Kyle Doughty, now bearing the three stripes of his rank. A new sergeant.

Line up

  • Goal — Connor Baxter
  • Defence — Ross Henderson . Dan Rooney. Trevor McDowall . Tom Smart
  • Midfield — Paul Ashley. Seb Burrows. Will Cork. Ben Walker (playing his first full match)
  • Front line — Andrew Betteley. Danny Mahoney
  • Subs — Sam Mason. Kyle Doughy. Nathan Miskelly. Simon Cavill .
  • Referee Des Evans -- chief referee of the League .

Our photo shows the immaculate pristine state of the changing rooms before the players arrive and mess it all up!

Kick off at 11:04 by my watch on a very chilly, foggy day. Frost all gone now.
Last time we faced White Horse we last 6-1 , so many open wounds still in our hearts .
11:07. Corner to us
11:09 Corner to us
11:10 Corner to us
11:12. Free kick to us as we press and press hard.

11:13 1-0

Corner to us . And this time we score as Danny- ever running Danny- scores! From a throw in by Seb Burrows .

11:16 1-1

And our joy is cut short .
They attack, great shot and White Horse score!
5th corner to us .
Great strike by Trevor McDowall goes wide .
Will Cork hit hard in the ankle . Goes down. Has to come off . Sub Nathan comes on .
Play is much in their half as we play well. Danny everywhere .
11:28 Sixth corner to us. Evidence of our pressure. But no gain as Paul Ashley's shot is saved.
Seventh corner for us .So much pressure. WH have not had a corner yet !
11:31 Eighth corner to us as we again attack. No gain
11:33 Ninth corner we get.
Play so much in their half .
11:35 WH win their very first corner. . No gain.
Fog comes a bit heavier -- no breeze to shift it. Shrouding the cemetery like the opening shot of the film Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, when Pip met Magwitch.
11:40. Free kick taken by Danny and he very nearly scores .


Cappuccino bought for me . By Akan, father of Ross. From the excellent Farm Made cafe .
11:55 And of we go again . Still 1-1 is the score .
12:00 Referee sends one of their players to the sin bin for telling him to F Off!! Stupid fellow.
10 minutes to cool his heels.
Fierce shot on our goal and saved well by Connor .
Even foggier now.
(12:10 and I ring the Bridge Inn to say we will be along with our opponents for the chips and the sandwiches . Alerting the Chef)
Tom Smart comes off and Kyle Doughty comes on for the first time in many a month .

12:20 1-2

Then referee awards a penalty against us.
Bang , they score
12:25 Free kick to us . As Andrew Betteley is bright down.
No gain.

12:28 1-3

Attack by White Horse. And they score
We are not shaping as well now. Passes going awry .

12:30 2-3

Ben Walker comes off. Has done very well indeed .
Great ball by Nathan . Goalie saves, but then Andrew scores!
His 8th goal so far.

End of game . All troop off to the pub as we clean up the mess of mud and soil in the marvellous showers . Man of the match goes to Danny Mahoney, the ever running Danny

Next game is away in Crewe versus Talbot FC

The Will Boffey Memorial Trophy

An aside. Mr Mike Boffey late of Royals Green and now living here in Audlem has given the club the Will Boffey Memorial Trophy . Will used to play with some of our team . He very sadly died 12 years ago. We will be awarding this trophy annually to the player judged best of the season .