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Match report for 7th October

Before I set too to load up with kit, balls, cones, training vests etc, I had occasion to travel to Derby for the funeral of my son's mother in law . And it struck me how very different was my journey to many . In that short hour or so,I drove from Cheshire, to Shropshire -- then Staffordshire and into Derbyshire. Quite unique I think , all within the hour or so, and another remarkable sight is that of the freshly ploughed fields around the Swan with Two Necks ( a fine eating establishment ) and close to Baldwin's Gate . A very rich terracotta red earth and -- so rich and fertile looking . See nothing like that in Lancashire, my birth County .

But to The game .
We play at home , after being away for many weekends now , and we have Winsford FC .
We are In our home kit of blue and white with the logos of The Lord C , Finefoodies Deli and Barn India of Woore , to whom we are most grateful for their financial support.
Referee is Des Evans, head Referee for The league .
Relishing the joy of the very fine changing rooms here in the new Annexe, after some very basic places on our travels.
Good strong squad had reported for the game so here's hoping !!. But in the event three fail to wake up in time ! Such disappointing news . So we are just 11 plus 3 subs

Kick off 1100 sharp .
Bright sunshine and calm , with pitch well marked but damp so the prospect of mucky kit to launder before me and muddy boots too.
The bells of St James ringing out joyfully, remnants of a wedding from the day before in the hall being cleared away . On the subject of bells, early risers like myself are offered church bells each morning around 0555 on BBC 4 every Sunday as recordings from churches across the country send out their peals . A very, very English thing.
Back to the match. Play a bit snappy as each side tries to get the measure of each other .
A sloppy defence allows a very soft goal to Winsford . Defence wide open
And again defence sliced open as opponents rattle in another goal
We fight back and a fine header by Will Cork and he scores
Kev Rodgers yellow carded fir a foul . First card of the game .

Half time

1150 and we resume play. Sun has hidden away behind high cloud . We win a corner
Attack in numbers and Joe Spruce scores
2-2 . Is this the fight back for us . Subs played in numbers under the roll on roll off rules we now have .
1200 and opponents goalie pulls off a very fine save -- stopping a sure goal .
Winsford pressing hard again and I must say our mid field not together .
1205 Run at our goal and , bang- they score .
Much to their delight .
We carry on subbing .
1215 . And again we divide- like the waters of the Nile , to allow them to score again
And from then on the clock ticks away the game. We are poor . And show none of the fight we had last Sunday .
Referee thankfully blows up and game over . Man of the March for us as chosen by Winsford is Danny Mahoney , our skipper .

Off we troop in silence as all realise we were not good today . Winsford very happy after their run of defeats .
Team off to Nantwich for beer and chips at the Leopard . Kev Mort to the Lord C as it is his wedding anniversary .

Me. A quick half, then to the Bridge Inn to say farewell to Lunda and Mark who leave on Monday , with yet again new folks here to run the place for Marstons .

Home to my lunch , bits and bobs to do . And then to the game of Liverpool versus Man City. Nil nil as it ends . Each team equal to the other .
Next match for us is near Chester versus Spital Vaults in the Cheshire Cup. A hard tie but......who knows. We have hired a small coach to take some 25 of us to the pitch . Fingers crossed

Ralph Warburton