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I begin my planning for todays march here in my study in the dark hours before the new dawn. A time when the very happy task of writing messages on my Christmas cards to all my friends within my address book. I enjoy this as a way of keeping in contact and send out some 140-ish. Sadly some names get scored away as the time is up for those who have left this life.

And of course it is also the time when I wrap my gifts. I find I so enjoy the run up to the big day far more than the big day itself. And the personal challenge of dreaming up new gifts to please the recipients. Wrapping papers all around my big table and my check list there to try to make sure I have forgotten none .

But . To the game this day and a hope the Christmas spirit may be abroad to aid us in our play.

Not a good start when out of some 40 players on the books, just 12 turn out!

The team picks itself — and that is with yet another two new signings!!

Referee is Kevin Kelly who is a fair minded official who allows the game to flow well.

Opponents are White Lion of Crewe. Strong team above us in the league.

They arrive in good time with 16 players! Such riches.

Two of our players get things all cocked up and are found at Winsford! . They return at speed and arrive at 10:58!

Kick off delayed a minute or two and off we go.

Fine rain now falling and my papers getting very soggy.

Move further back under the cover at the Annexe. Now over 12 months since we moved into the luxury that we have here in Audlem.

Grey gloomy day as each side tests each out with the normal testosterone fired early play.

11:11 0-1

Free kick to WL. Just outside the area. Hits the cross bar and in the ensuing melee, they fire in on the rebound.

Another set piece free kick to WL- this time on the centre line. Shoots wide.

White Lion play in a morbid grey strip which blends in too much with the gloomy day so far .

Opponents well on top as they attack and attack .

11:23 and a hint of blue in the sky over the cemetery.

We give away penalty as we bring down their man — but Referee does not award it. Phew!!

Rain clouds leave us . WL really playing well as a team. Ross Henderson races up the wing but his pass not met. A true chance of a goal.

Game now more equal . Audlem tackling much more as more blue arrives in the sky.. Ross gets a hard kicking and goes down . But thankfully back up after a short while.

Offside whistle playing a good part as WL attack our goal in numbers.

11:35. Free kick to WL. Save by Connor Baxter and we race upfield. Great chance for us to score but ball is ballooned over the crossbar .

11:38 0-2

Free kick again to WL. Shot hits the cross bar and is fired in on the rebound. Deja vu! Same exact as their first goal.


Off we go in the second half and we are shaping much better. More together. New man Alan Burcea sends in a fine shot but straight at their keeper.

Kevin Beresford's shot is also gathered up by the keeper. Great shots as we now boss the play.

Strike at goal by Joe Benson but again keeper saves

12:15 . Free kick to us. No gain.

Fine run at goal by Alan Burcea. No gain.

Ben Spruce comes off as he is to Liverpool to see his side Everton play Liverpool. On comes our only sub. Kev Mort.

We send in a great cross but goes over the bar as we continue to seek a way back into the match.

Referee awards WL a yellow for cursing the referee.

12:30 0-3

They score!! Against all the run of play.

Game over.- another loss.

Next game away versus George & Dragon at Winsford.