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ADAS in the undergrowth

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Spot the Yellow Jackets


We don't need much of an excuse to don our yellow jackets and get out there — especially after so long locked up; I mean locked-down! Saturday saw us back for the second tranche of Himalayan Balsam pulling. All the rain had vastly improved this task for us, making the pulling-out easier. Phew.


Three yellow vests were wading through the stream getting the HB out onto the bank to prevent the water-way from getting chocked up. Others were dotted around the field, pulling and throwing stems, which were, in some cases, up to 8ft tall.

One volunteer said to me, 'I love working in this field; it takes me back to when I was eight.' I'm too far along to remember that age!

It is good for the soul getting out there in the field, watching the vast array of insects flying around. And given that our Leader (no, not that one) and his crew are pressing us all to lose weight and get fit — I'd say we got the memo.

There will be another one, maybe two, call-outs for help with this task, the race is on to pull before the flowers turn to seed. If you're already on our volunteer list, you'll get an email. If you would like to join our list of volunteers, please contact either:

Neil Goodyear — 07564 243996

Suzie Warren — 07809 476523