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Muse Jessie

Episode 3 was published yesterday.

The Little Black Box 4

The Museum staffs were in a state of disbelief!
The floppy hat gentleman had ceased his visits!!He had been watching over the little Black Box for more than 12 months, never ever missing a day.
So where was He?
He knew where he was and why!
He had been on a mission for his homeland, the planet 'Yosh'
now the mission was accomplished!
He had hidden under his floppy hat one of the planets long lost treasures.
The treasure was lost long ago.

When the floppy hat gentleman returned to his Homeland 'Yosh' he removed his floppy hat, then he removed his disguise to reveal his own head,
Glad to see the light!

Once he could see, he looked into his floppy hat to reveal the object of his mission!
Wrapped up safely, was the little black box, not black anymore, Back on the planet of 'Yosh' it was a gleaming box made out of platinum!
It felt light as a feather in the Atmosphere,
He gave himself a pat on his back
"Well Done"
Mission accomplished.

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