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Muse Jessie

You can see episode 1 here and episode 2 here.

The Little Black Box 3.

The Little Black Box — Still a Mystery-
Causing interest through the years,
And commotion at times.
Everyone needing to solve its secret.

When the owner of the jewellery shop passed away
The little Black Box, became an exhibit in a
Museum far away.
In its new home, it was cared for, guarded and put safely under a glass dome, lit by overhead lighting.

All went well until the museum staff began to notice a certain gentleman, in a floppy hat, spending all his time gazing at the little black box.
He never removed the floppy hat, never spoke or smiled.

He entered the museum daily through the turnstiles, along with other visitors.
But no one ever saw him leave
In the overhead lighting he never seemed to cast a shadow!! Very strange indeed.

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