12 Reasons to Shop Locally this Christmas

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Ed:This is the second instalment of an article by Lisa Taylor, proposing the benefits of spending with local businesses this Christmas. Please click on the photos to get full image.

Audlem Chip Shop
Lord Combermere 4
Bridge Inn
Cyclesport Shop front
Shroppie Fly
Braids Hairdressers and Beauty Parlour
Flower Divas

12 Reasons To Spend Local at Christmas

Choosing a local business instead of a large chain store or national supplier has some surprising benefits for local people and the local economy.

We will bring you the top 12 benefits for the village and for you, hopefully this will inspire you to spend those hard earned coins locally this Christmas.


Locally Produced

Local businesses will often source local produce, from sausages and cheese to handmade crafts and art, local high street businesses provide an outlet for the growers and makers in the surrounding area, in turn helping other local businesses thrive and succeed.

No. 6

Helping to Create the Audlem Identity

Many places around the UK have high streets filled with unique and unusual shops, cafes and restaurants- these places which are filled with all sorts of individual and unique business attract visitors and tourism. With around 70% of Trade and customers coming from outside of the village population, attracting visitors and tourism to Audlem is essential- making it a popular and financially healthier area in which to live and work.

No. 7

Local Business Owners Investing In Audlem

Spending locally helps to improve the appearance and community spirit of Audlem. All of the shops, businesses, Pubs and cafes are involved in shaping the look and feel of the village. From simply sweeping the front and watering the hanging baskets to creating beautiful displays, taking part in community projects, business owners really do contribute to making Audlem the great place it is.

No. 8

Customer Service

You can't beat the personal touch of a local owner who knows all of the people in the village. Audlem certainly has some business owners who fit this description! Building relationships between the local owner and the local customer goes further than just a purchase. Independent Businesses really listen to what their customers want and provide products and services which customers actually need, rather than following trends.