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Ed: AudlemOnline is pleased to support this initiative by Lisa Taylor of Brambles Cookshop which we will publish in three parts.

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12 Reasons To Spend Local at Christmas

Choosing a local business instead of a large chain store or national supplier has some surprising benefits for local people and the local economy.

We will bring you the top 12 benefits for the village and for you, hopefully this will inspire you to spend those hard earned coins locally this Christmas.


Local Businesses For Local Charities

Choosing to Spend Local means you could be helping your very own community in more ways than you think. Did you know that many, if not all of Audlem businesses support Audlem and locally based charities. If you spend and shop locally, you are helping to increase the amount of local charitable donations.

A quick survey of the village centre businesses revealed that many charities/community groups have been supported, including Audlem & District Community Action

Audlem & District Amenities, Audlem St James School, Audlem Public Hall Annexe, Wheely Bus, Wheely Boat, Audlem Charity Shop, Audlem St James Church Appeal and the list goes on. Businesses also contribute to national appeals such as Macmillan, RNLI, Marie Curie, NSPCC, St Luke's Hospice, Children in Need and many more.

No. 2

Boosting Local Economy

Shopping locally and supporting small local businesses is better for the local economy than spending at large chains and out of town supermarkets and to ensure the economy of the village stays strong and sustainable, local people need to use local businesses. What does this actually mean?

Research shows that for every £10 spent with a local company, up to £50 goes back into the local economy- this is simply because the local business owners spend spend spend in the Pubs, in the cafes and on local services helping the community to thrive. This is a fascinating fact and I am sure you agree that Audlem is benefitting from the many businesses in and around the village.


Good for the Environment

Looking after the environment is high on many peoples lists. With huge campaigns from banning plastic bags to upping our recycling efforts, what could be more beneficial for the environment than leaving the car at home and popping to the local shops, pubs, cafes & services? Reducing traffic in and around the village can only be a good thing and you can make a dent in your daily 10,000 steps count too!

No. 4

British Entrepreneurs

Who doesn't want to support British Entrepreneurs? Never mind Dragons Den, you can invest in your Audlem businesses and directly support local entrepreneurs. Through more people choosing the smaller, local option it is allowing more entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door. What would the world be without people taking risks and giving it a go? The more successful the businesses, the more attractive it is for other entrepreneurs to invest in Audlem and contribute to its economy.