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Flood at Coxbank 22nd February 2012

Audlem Online has received the following message from the Audlem parish councillor who alerted Cheshire East to the Coxbank flood problem, reported on yesterday.

He says: "I have just been down to the site of the flood and Cheshire East Council have responded to the situation with a gulley sucker driven by an ex-Audlem resident who has an understanding of the local drainage system.

"They are trying to remove all the water and if possible back flush the system. Providing they can find all the associated pipework, once the water has been removed satisfactorily, I'm informed that a road repair team will be despatched to sort out the massive potholes.

"The situation may change with the removal of the water from a surfers' paradise (see this morning's coverage) to an off-road proving ground."


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