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Ralph Warburton of ASET writes: "This year's Audlem Festival of Transport gets under way on Sunday.

It promises to be the biggest ever that we in ASET have organised. Over

320 vehicles covering cars, trucks, tractors, motor bikes and scooters

will assemble on the Green at Hankelow from 10.30am onwards — our

traditional mustering point for drivers as they arrive from all points

of the compass to present their shining treasured and loved possessions.

"Les Wright and his team of willing volunteers will be there

masterminding the formation of the parade — which in itself is very

detailed ensuring that the procession is in year order and ready for the

start at 12.30pm for the drive to Audlem. One can imagine the scene as

cars arrive virtually each few minutes and have to be checked for entry

card and then directed to the right slot on the green. Remember — this

involves 320 different forms of transport!

"Inevitably, we have drivers turning up who have not entered the event and

sadly we have to turn them away as we are full. We just cannot

accommodate any more in Audlem for the static display.

"The White Lion pub join in with their mouth watering bacon and sausage

baps and add to the excitement of the occasion. We are very grateful for

the help that Hankelow gives to us in allowing the Green to be used —

for without this the event cannot take place.

"12.30pm and off goes the parade, led by Ken Jones of ASET in the control

vehicle and followed close behind by the Audlem Fire Tender. (Whilst all this is taking place, the RAF land their helicopter at 10.30am

on the specially marked spot on the Playing Field.)

"Into Audlem with traffic control in place for key junctions (we are

very glad that Cheshire Police help in this matter) and slowly through

the village — entering the Square to the crowds there — with Bill

Consterdine giving a car by car commentary from the Church Bank.

Parking on the Playing Field is controlled by the ASET team and their

very welcome volunteers so that all are in the correct place very

promptly and safely.

"Once all in place, the event is open — free — for all to come and enjoy

what is the very biggest show here in South Cheshire. Fun Fair for the

children.. hog roast and many stalls for all to sample. At 1430hrs (2.30pm), a

display by the RAF Spitfire will take place, with the familiar roar of

its Merlin Engines quickening hearts as it climbs and banks over the

field — a very special Ice Cream seller will be there to add to the


"The Norman Proudlove Trophy will be presented to the car chosen by

members of his family as the car of their choice on the day.

"All in all, it's a very special day for us here and for all our visitors. If only we had a bigger playing field we could have even more cars and

others on show, for we have had to refuse many others who applied too

late to enter. For all those drivers who are here, may we say a huge

thank you. It is no small effort to get to such shows and much money

and time is spent in presenting their cherished vehicle in the best light.

"Finally, a big thank you to all those who have so generously sponsored us

by taking adverts in the programme and hopefully to all who give

generously to our bucket collection which helps us defray the

considerable costs we have to bear.

"Let us hope that the English Weather does not let us down!"