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There was a large turnout to hear Ray Smith (also known as Boden) recall his chidhood in Hankelow.

What a memory — he even remembered car numbers and telephone numbers — as well as recounting amusing incidents.

There were several of his contemporaries there who kept the stories flowing with help with names and relationships. Everyone seemed to have a nickname!

The children were not allowed to get away with offences like riding on a crossbar (10/- fine) or misbehaving in the butcher's (hung by his trousers on a meat-hook).

If anyone wants to be put in touch with Ray they could approach Ronni Briggs at Thornton House on a Tuesday or Friday morning. I will be typing up as much as I managed to record for the History Society's archive.

Let's hope Ian Jones' recollections of Kynsal Heath at the History Society meeting next September is as successful!

Thanks to Ronni and ADCA for organising these get togethers.



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