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Following yesterday's story about the funding of a hydro-electric scheme on the canal, Audlem Online has received the following from J Eastman:

I am appalled that the village of Audlem is considering the construction of a Hydro-electric scheme utilising the force of water generated by the flight of locks in Audlem. As a keen fisherman and protector of species of fish, I would consider that the inclusion of this type of development is highly detrimental to the well being of fish.

As the people of the village seem to hold the welfare of the environment at heart when discussing wind issues, I consider that a public enquiry should be convened to discuss this matter and the effects of the hydro scheme on fish and wild life populations associated with the canals. Life is difficult enough for species living within the constraints of the flight of locks from Audlem heading into Shropshire with all the boats, walkers and dogs, not to mention all the pipes and intense currents generated by this proposed development.

It's no fun as an eel or perch and being forced down a pipe and then shredded by a turbine blade. Not only will this proposed development have a potentially detrimental effect on the wild life but the structure of the canal floor will suffer and the habitat of fresh water shellfish and invertebrates will be seriously compromised.

As a keen freshwater angler I would hate to have the peace and tranquillity disturbed by the noise of rushing high pressure water continually traumatising myself and other fishermen. Has consideration been given to the disturbance to the local residents by the noise of this constant high pressure flow during the night, keeping the good citizens awake?

For the sake of all fish of the world (especially those in the Shropshire Union Canal) please think again.


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