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The current Votepoll asking 'Are there too many fireworks displays in Audlem?' is getting very near to voters being evenly divided. So much so that we have now introduced a facility to discuss the issue in greater detail than a simple yes/no/unsure choice. Click on 'View Results' below the Vote Now box and then go onto 'Discuss this in more detail'. If you haven't voted yet, click on your vote choice and then on 'Vote Now'.

The last Vote Poll on parking restrictions, has attracted an email today from Ralph Warburton, as follows:

"The rumblings of comment about parking in the village is in my view likely to result in the death of the village. If we mess about with asking for restrictions in the form of lines etc in Shropshire St then folks will just shop elsewhere and the shops will suffer. This at a time when we want to protect the Post Office and build an Information centre for tourists. The excess of parking caused by the work on the Combermere is over. Spaces are there again. And if the Coop does move over to the new retail untis on the Muller Development (as is likely), then it could be that their old premises will become dwellings — who is going to open up a store there of that size! Then there will be need for on street parking for these new residents as well as the existing residents of Shropshire Street. A poll of those who trade there and live there should be had — not be decided upon by others who do not live and work there!

I urge much caution by all on this matter — or we could kill the "Vibrant" village we all enjoy.


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