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Beautiful music was heard from Audlem Methodist Church yesterday morning as the Methodist Choir gave a splendid rendition of Faure's Requiem. Bernard Ashmore and Naomi Crompton were the soloists, Jenny Collis-Smith accompanied from the organ, and Ann Marshall was the conductor. The work was sung as part of Choir Sunday 2006. (A further small element of ecumenical co-operation assisted the performance: the Methodists sent John Gunstone to play the organ at St James, having pinched Jenny Collis-Smith to play the organ at the chapel.)

Next month, the Methodist Junior Choir plan a performance of 'Jonah-Man Jazz'. This will be sung at the chapel in the morning service (10.30 am) on 4 June.

Photos of Sunday's choir and soloists can be seen at www.audlemmethodistchurch.org.uk(The website link that was here no longer works) . From the home page, click on the 'photos' link.


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